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Bowmaster Prelude

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Created By: Lost Vectors Played by 3982 people
Genre: Unknown
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Your kingdom is under attack! Defend against the incoming invading Trev'Ghar -- an evil medieval army attempting to eradicate your peaceful civilization. You are armed with a legendary bow and can use a variety of spells and different types of magical arrows to defeat your enemy. Use strategy to prioritize your targets and exploit their weaknesses. You'll even be able to summon allied units to help you in battle! The war has just begun and the odds are against you but once again the time has come for you to be The BowMaster... See the in-game help for game instructions.

 Greenganon - 12/03/07 03:07 pm
This game has won my Runner-up award for being one of the best games we have in my opinion. -Greenganon, The Vice President of the TZ Corporation
 Cpsgames - 04/14/08 02:53 am
I've played this on, its great
 dum0dum - 01/19/09 05:26 am
the king of all games of this type

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