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Make sure to extract the files in the zip. Angels is a free RPG, that takes place in a magical world, a world which contains four main kingdoms, this story takes action in the Kingdom of Tuen, one of the strongest kingdoms ever to be assembled, you start off aas a young man not knowing any spells or abilites, just wondering around, you will be able to talk to tutorials, as they offer informations about whats in store for you, Cyborg is considered to be the best mage that ever walked this world, you play as his son, once you make progress on the main quest, he will be captured while going on a hunt trip, after a couple of hours, a friend of yours comes rushing to you begging you to leave the town, telling you that the army of "utrox" is heading towards the city of Brokvil. You run away with your baby sister that you leave in a near by village, and from there, the real game begins, how can you survive the wilderness? running? attacking?...etc, there are many ways to survive in the wilderness, the best way to actually survive is by training on slimes until you hit level 5 to 7, then you can train on ghosts, and dragins, but try to avoid the Red dragin, as he's much powerful than a dragin and could kill you fast, from there, you can just go around doing quests for people, they can award you gold, and uniqe items that you will find no where in the game. try to track down Llence city, there are many quests, and dungeons roaming in it, you may find some clues about a legendary item! you can also fight in the one and only 'Arena'!, Exp counted, and you get a great amount of gold there, it also can be a good place to train, also, you are able to buy a house, you can also rent the house for others, they will pay you some fee. This is going to be a massive RPG, in other words, open RPG, where you have freedom to do as you like, instead of doing the main quest, you can go around exploring, aiding others, and raiding caves, if you for instance kill a strong monster, it will lead to rumors, people will talk about you, therefor your fame will increase, the more fame you have, the more quests and realms are unlocked. A major element of this game is the ability to travel to different realms, each realm has it's own unique set of spells, items, and monsters, however, you can only bear four spells at first, but you will gain extra inventory slots as you grow more powerful.

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