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A message from Monty
Ordered Chaos
The following is a message sent to me by Monty -- I have decided to relay this message for the good of all. Signed, Mallory ***On May 12th 2009, Monty wrote.... Ha ha, I'm still laughing about how you all have been sweating from anxiety concerning my upcoming plans which I have been deliberately vague about. I'm not ready to reveal what's to come but if I were you I'd stay on my good side....yes, I do have one. No more wise cracks about my PHD OR my work on de-coding bar codes. Pick on Kane (I think he actually likes it) and show me some respect...I just may go easy on you all.***

 bobblehead - 05/13/09 02:18 pm
What is Montys problem? I say the flyer he handed out says he is going to use his precious bar codes to scam us all out of money somehow.
 Mallory - 06/02/09 01:27 pm
Yep, I think money is involved.

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