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Dun dun dun
This is gonna be a new series of blogs about me working on Pyco, basically listing new things I've thought up and what I'm currently working on. Right now, I'm putting a global Private Message system into the planning phases. This will make it so you can check your private messages from any Pcyo site anywhere on the Pyco network. When you view your inbox there will be an option to filter the messages to just that sites, or show them all. It will also tell you what site it came from. This also means I'll be rewriting most of the Private Message system so there might be some changes to how stuff is displayed, who knows. Another thing I'm working on is reorginizing the Game Plague game info pages, where you get the download/play button and stuff like commenting and rating. The layout will be similar, but should fit together much nicer than the current one and display more info.

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