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KaBob79907/05/09 05:10 pm

The Cheesiest


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Scribblenauts is an upcoming DS game by 5TH Cell. The idea of Scribblenauts is basic, you spawn stuff to collect other stuff. What makes this game completely awesome is that you can pretty much spawn anything. As long as its not inappropriate, a brand name, or copyrighted you can probably spawn it (bizarre foreign stuff excluded). You can spawn things like, Longcat, God, Flamethrowers, Kraken, Einstein, Ladders, Monkeys, Chairs, Footballs, etc. Living things are animated and stuff has physics and many items have actual uses like ladders and flamethrowers. Also: "The player may also chain objects together, such as chaining a piece of meat to a pole and holding it while riding on a raptor"

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