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OpenPokemon V0.0.3
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KaBob79908/05/08 08:47 pm

The Cheesiest


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OpenPokemon is a pokemon engine in Game Maker I started on 1/22/08. It is open source thus the name OpenPokemon. The engine is being released in the form of Pokemon Johto, a revamp of the g/s/c series. A very large update is coming soon will include the name select screen, getting a starter, improvements to the movement system, and partially working battles. Last Update: 3/25 New Features: This version is not a stable release, it's just to prove I haven't quit working. Start menu, with semi functional pack. Very glitchy barely functional battle screen. Saving and loading Setting your name Maybe some glitch fixes, I dont remember New title screen Partially working ledges Graphics from a variety of people This engine is not meant for "noobs" or people who do not know Game Maker. This thing doesnt use gm's collision system at all, instead opting for a couple 2d arrays to handle all sorts of things including movement, grass, and locations/music. My idea is to see if there is any speed advantage to this style programming. Its intended more of an example to show how many ways there are to do things and maybe help a person or two rethink how they code, for better or for worse. Currently the code is extremely sloppy and not optimized in any way so you will have trouble figuring out everything. This engine is not based on code in Pokemon Twilight which I am also working on, PT has a completely different system. Though new code in PT is being based off of OpenPokemon. For credits hit f1 in game. Screenshots: Preview of Next Release Controls: X: Talk/The equivalant of A Z: Run/The equivalant of B Enter: Start Heres the demo and gmk: Download Link: Help: I do need help in the form of resources, if you have g/s/c sound effects or r/s/e/fr/lg style sprites I would like to see them. If anyone knows where to find the sound effects for all the pokemon that would be cool because I can't find any.

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10/25/08 08:46 amReply #1
Common Cold


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Cool. Will download as soon as I get back to my computer.... I want to see how you will do the name system.
01/18/09 09:07 amReply #2
Common Cold


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Sweet I always wanted to play G/S/C but I never got around to getting one.

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