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KaBob79902/23/08 01:44 pm

The Cheesiest


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Advance Wars meets time travel meets KaBob799 style game design. My entry in the Yoyogames Game Making Contest. So basically, in the distant future humans have yet to find aliens despite having explored a large area of nearby space. A planet has been terreformed and designated a "war games" planet by an illegal group of gamblers. What they do is use time travel technology to duplicate people from the past and upgrade their weapon strength. They then release these people onto the planet and bet on how long they will survive against all the other people that have been placed there. You are one such gambler and you have a secret agenda. You are secretly leading a group of the fighters and using the money you win to buy them more units. You have also supplied them with machines to translate between the various languages they speak, their enemies are not so lucky. Units will go from cavemen to cars to futuristic planes. More info when I feel like it. Depending on lazyness I could have a map editor and online stuff. You get money from defeating enemy units You build units from drop points or from mercenary centers. Mercenaries arent always full health but can have experience, plus are bought using different money. Supply plants get you money for mercenaries as well as heal your damaged units.

Bouncy Ball
10/25/08 08:56 amReply #1
Common Cold


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sounds cool.... I'd like to see it made
01/18/09 09:09 amReply #2
Common Cold


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oooooh I want to play but it sounds like this one flash game I played once.

if anyone says anything funnier than one of these three I'll replace one of them with it.
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