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Welcome to Pyco! Chances are that, if you decided to read this, you have no idea what Pyco is.

Pyco is a system which allows you to have the same username across multiple sites, known as your PycoID. In addition to this, Pyco gives you global features such as private messages and a friends list which are the same across every Pyco site. This means that if somebody sends you a message on one site, you can read and respond to it no matter which site you are on.

When you register a Pyco account, that name is no longer available on any Pyco site. That means you don't have to worry about anybody impersonating you across the entire Pyco network! In addition, once you have registered your Pyco account it becomes much easier to register on other Pyco sites. All you have to do is go to the register screen and enter your log in information under the Join section. It will automatically load your account details from your main Pyco account.

Now you should have a basic understanding of what Pyco is, if you need further help on how to use a specific Pyco feature you can look for information in our extensive help database.